Do you provide templates to your Die cut and Regular Shipping boxes?
Yes. Simply download our template(s) and apply your own design using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW.

What kind of cardboard do you print on?
For our Die Cut Signature Series, the inside and outside cardboard has a smooth matte finish. For Ear Lock White and Kraft die cuts the material has slightly more fibrous, natural finish. For our Regular shipping boxes, our Premium has 'Kemi' slight sheen on the outside, with a fibrous, natural finish on the inside. Our Eco-White has White smooth finish with fibrous, natural look and our Eco Kraft has fibrous, natural finish on both sides of the box.

Brown or White cardboard. What looks better?
That's the 64,000 question! In any marketing program, you decide if you want a white canvas with a color that will pop or a brown background that projects a more natural feel. 

White background:
Since we print a full color gamut with our digital printing, a white background is perfect backdrop to promote your product. 

Brown background:
Printing on a brown background has some limitations due to the dark background. From our experience black ink looks best against a black background. Certain shades of purples, green and process blue will also print very nicely on our brown board. If you can, please avoid reds, yellow and orange. They will appear muted against a brown background. We can print a solid a gorgeous white ink on brown cardboard. Please call us for details.

Can I ship unwrapped food inside your box?
We don’t recommend that anything perishable to be shipped unwrapped. Even though our inks are solvent-free, it would b good practice to wrap all products for safe transport.

How long will my order take to print?
For our Premium E-Flute die cut boxes, Standard die cuts and RSC’s full production orders take 10 business days (weekends and holidays are not included) from the time artwork is received and approved by you, plus shipping to your home or business.

Where do you ship from? 
Our plant is in Sunrise, FL. We ship all orders via UPS Ground and shipping times can ran from 2-10 days. The closer you are to our South Florida plant, the quicker your order will arrive. If you're in the local South Florida area, you can always pick up your order. Please click on this feature when checking out.

Do you offer International Shipping?
Currently, we offer shipping in US and Canada. Note: Canadian customers will be responsible for any additional customs charges and brokerage fees

Artwork Guidelines

  • Images should be 300 DPI: 
    300 (Dots Per Inch) or higher for best results. Since we print digitally, any imperfection in the image will appear on the item that we're printing on. 

  • Logos or text downloaded from the Internet:
    Are generally posted at 72 DPI (typical for web resolution). Unfortunately, we cannot use low resolution artwork. When printed, the artwork will appear 'jagged'. What we're trying to achieve is smooth, crisp lines. Refer to the designer or artist who designed the artwork. There's a good chance they have an original (or native file) that was prepared at a higher resolution 

  • Convert Your Fonts
    There are thousands of different type styles available. We update our fonts files daily, but every so often there's one that is not available to us. To ensure we print the font that you want, please convert your 'fonts to outlines'. This is really easy if you’re using  Adobe Illustrator. 

    • Step 1: Do a ‘Select All’ or Control A. It doesn't matter if other graphic elements are selected.

    • Step 2: Move your cursor to the header bar go locate ‘Type’. Move down to ‘Create Outline’ or ‘Control+Shift+O

  • Convert Color to CMYK:
    We're printing 4 color graphics (CMYK) and achieve vibrant color gamut in addition to printing white ink as a separate color. Please convert all RGB to CMYK for best results. 

  • Adding Bleed Lines to your artwork:
    When printing full ink coverage on our Signature Premium E Flute cardboard boxes, please extend your artwork beyond the die line by 1/4".  

  • Saving your artwork to the right file:
    For the very best printing results, please submit artwork in the native file (EPS, TIFF, SVG) or PDF. If you choose to save your file as a PDF, it must be saved in high resolution (300 DPI). If you are using Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, you must supply us with the linked files (the actual artwork). Doing this will preserve the die line layer in your document.

  • Complex artwork? 
    You should select Object>"Expand the Fill and Paths"

  • Artwork sent via Email: 
    Some files can be huge and will clog the email pipeline. You can also submit the artwork through our Dropbox portal. 

  • Have an idea, but don’t have artwork:
    There are many on-line design firms, here’s a just a few, Design Crowd, 99Designs, and Fiverr.

  • Do you charge for a printing plate or special tooling? 
    Good news, our printing is done digitally so there's no additional charges beside the cost of the printed box and shipping.

  • RGB vs CMYK-What’s the difference? 
    RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color model occurs when Red, Green and Blue are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of color. If you look really close at television or computer monitor, every image is made of dots of Red, Green, and Blue lights. 

  • CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) Unlike RGB color, which is used in screens and digital display technology, CMYK color was created for printed materials. Where RGB color has three channels for red, green, and blue, CMYK color has four channels for cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black).  All our printing at MrBoxCustomShop is done in CMYK.